Friday, September 22, 2023

2022-23 Boys State Final Basketball Assignments

Boys 1A Boys 2A Boys 3A Boys 4A State

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The following officials have been selected to officiate the IHSA Boys Basketball State Finals

First Last Hometown Games Assigned
Larry Barnett Makanda 1A Semi, 3A Third, 2A Championship
Andy Bole North Riverside 2A Third, 4A Semi
Al Corl Rockford 1A Semi, 4A Semi, 3A Championship
Mike Dammermann Cobden 2A Semi, 3A Third, 1A Championship
Darren Greenwalt Wayne City 1A Semi, 4A Third
Adam Holleman Champaign 1A Third, 3A Semi
Doug Juhlin Rockford 1A Third, 4A Semi
Marcel Kerr Blue Island 2A Third, 4A Semi, 3A Championship
Jared Knapp Mt. Vernon 2A Semi, 3A Third, 1A Championship
Jim Kowzan DuQuoin 2A Third, 3A Semi, 4A Championship
Tim Leighty Lawrenceville 1A Semi, 4A Third
Chris Mays Chicago 1A Third, 4A Semi, 2A Championship
Kevin Moore Elgin 2A Semi, 4A Third, 3A Championship
Jeff Myles Dekalb 1A Semi, 3A Semi, 4A Championship
Todd Olinger East Galesburg 2A Semi, 3A Semi
Jason Rhodes Okawville 2A Semi, 3A Semi, 4A Championship
Jeremy Smith Gillespie 2A Semi, 4A Semi, 1A Championship
Aaron Wright DuQuoin 1A Semi, 3A Semi, 2A Championship


Individual Game Crew Assignments

Thursday 3/9/23 Time Teams Crew
1A Semi 10:00 AM Waterloo (Gibault Catholic) vs. Bloomington (Cornerstone Christian Academy) Tim Leighty, Aaron Wright, Jeff Myles
1A Semi 11:45 AM Tuscola vs. Scales Mound Larry Barnett, Darren Greenwalt, Al Corl
1A Third 7:00 PM Bloomington (Cornerstone Christian Academy) vs. Tuscola Doug Juhlin, Chris Mays, Adam Holleman
2A Semi 2:30 PM Teutopolis vs. Chicago (DePaul College Prep) Jeremy Smith, Kevin Moore, Todd Olinger
2A Semi 4:15 PM Taylor Ridge (Rockridge) vs. Bloomington (Central Catholic) Jared Knapp, Mike Dammermann, Jason Rhodes
2A Third 8:45 PM Teutopolis vs.Taylor Ridge (Rockridge) Andy Bole, Marcel Kerr, Jim Kowzan


Individual Game Crew Assignments

Friday 3/10/23 Time Teams Crew
3A Semi 10:00 AM Chicago (St. Ignatius College Prep) vs. Chicago (Simeon) Adam Holleman, Jeff Myles, Aaron Wright
3A Semi 11:45 AM Metamora vs. East St. Louis (Sr.) Jason Rhodes, Jim Kowzan, Todd Olinger
3A Third 7:00 PM Chicago (St. Ignatius College Prep) vs. East St. Louis (Sr.) Mike Dammermann, Larry Barnett, Jared Knapp
4A Semi 2:30 PM Winnetka (New Trier) vs. Lisle (Benet Academy) Marcel Kerr, Doug Juhlin, Jeremy Smith
4A Semi 4:15 PM Downers Grove (North) vs. Moline (H.S.) Al Corl, Andy Bole, Chris Mays
4A Third 8:45 PM Winnetka (New Trier) vs. Downers Grove (North) Kevin Moore, Darren Greenwalt, Tim Leighty


Saturday 3/11/23 Time Teams Crew
1A Championship 11:00 AM Waterloo (Gibault Catholic) vs.Scales Mound Jared Knapp, Mike Dammermann, Jeremy Smith
2A Championship 12:45 PM Chicago (DePaul College Prep) vs. Bloomington (Central Catholic) Chris Mays, Larry Barnett, Aaron Wright
3A Championship 5:30 PM Chicago (Simeon) vs. Metamora Kevin Moore, Al Corl, Marcel Kerr
4A Championship 7:15 PM Lisle (Benet Academy) vs. Moline (H.S.) Jeff Myles, Jason Rhodes, Jim Kowzan