Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The IHSA continues to release playoff assignments for both boys and girls basketball, which is certainly an exciting time. Officials always want to know who is going where and who their partners might be.

Due to the Pre-Assignment system used by the IHSA this year, we have added a form so you can at least share with your fellow officials the Correlated Sectional to which you have been assigned.  Please go to https://goo.gl/BQCF4J to fill out the simple form.  We will then post this information on ChicagloandRefs.org.

Once you have your game assignments, you will then need to use this form: https://goo.gl/yvndzz so we can post your assignments.

The form is designed so that even people with limited computer skills can complete it. When you submit this form, it will go to ChicagoLandRefs.org and Joe Meyer's site http://www.ihsaps.com/. Together, we will compile a list and share it on the websites noted below. When you find out who your partners are, please go back in and add them. If you continue to move on in the tourney, please submit another EZ form.

We hope that when we add Joe's reports with ours, and ours with his, we will get as complete a list as we can.

You can view the lists at: ChicagloandRefs.org and http://www.ihsaps.com/

Good luck with the rest of your season and on into the State Series!

Your friends at ChicagoLandRefs.org and ihsaps.com

Thanks to Central Suburban Assigner Jeff Schwarz for driving this project!