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Dave Lopshire. Dave Lopshire is a three sport IHSA Official.  He works in Football, Basketball and Boys Lacrosse.  Away from officiating, Dave leads the Sales Training effort for a large financial organization. "Training and teaching is in my blood", he says.

Dave brings a unique perspective to his ability to teach, coach and mentor those in the financial and sales industries.  That perspective comes from being a student first, learning from the best of the best.  Dave has access to some of the top Financial Officers, Real Estate Agents and Executive Leaders.  He has learned how they have become successful and has assembled his practice into bringing his “students” the best from the best.  Dave also has a proven track record of success having worked in all aspects of Mortgage Origination, including Sales Support, Operations and of course, Sales.  “Sales people are the bricks in a solid organization.  I believe that we must continue to help them maintain that firm foundation by providing a strong mortar of knowledge, insight and practical application”, Dave says.

Dave continues to work in the day-to-day operation to constantly roll with the always-changing business environment.  He figures out how to help those in sales adapt and flourish not only today, but in the future.  “What worked last year may still be relevant, but tweaking those proven techniques are absolutely essential to success.”  “I learned how to mentor from my great mentors who have brought me along through my nearly 20 years in the financial industry.  I still learn something from my mentors every day and I pass on that knowledge at every opportunity.”

"I want to take this method and apply it here at ChicagolandRefs.Org.  I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the best officials in Illinois.  I am also a member of several officials organizations.  I have been taught by the best and my desire is to share that knowledge with the officiating community in Illinois."

Prior to his start in the financial industry, Dave had a very successful broadcast news career.  Having started in radio at the age of 15, he worked his way up to becoming a television news, sports and weather anchor and reporter.  Dave and his wife of 29 years, Kim live in Schaumburg, IL.  They have two daughters, Ally and Aubrey.